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In MEXICAN CONSULTING & DEVELOPMENT MEXICO we offer a comprehensive, timely, efficient and tailor made service with the sole objective of satisfying your needs within the field of integral risk management, so our clients have the capacity to prevent, mitigate, prepare, respond, rebuild and recover in any critical or non-critical area within their company to implement a plan that allows them to take both preventive and corrective actions that result in substantial operational savings when comparing the costs of preventive actions versus the debt and liabilities generated, derived from corrective actions.

It also allows our clients to avoid disputes arising from the deficiency in the correct approach or documentary establishment of contractual relations, with attorneys specializing in areas that directly affect the development of any company.

Our services follow three guidelines:

Custom Consulting
Offer Customized Solutions

We are able to offer a comprehensive set of services in a wide range of practice areas through strategic alliances that we have built in the last 9 years.


To provide a risk management service of excellent quality that allows to provide a consultancy that prevails in the different branches of the law, allowing to avoid controversies derived from the deficiency in the correct approach or documentary establishment of the contractual relations.


Our mission is to generate the necessary conditions to achieve the transformation of legal services that allow to determine the schemes by which the conflicts derived from the contractual relations and their mechanisms can be prevented in case of any events.

Team & Loyalty


People who are part of the team are a key element within the company. The collective effort and discipline within the team allows us to execute and deliver successful projects, always creating teams that have the best skills that are needed according to the field in which we have to work to meet the needs of our clients. Mutual trust is essential to the ethical conduct of each of our employees. Trust is built with transparency, with the responsibility that gives each employee and partner to make decisions and we expect for each activity the allocation under the principles of equity and justice, depending on the capabilities of each employee and partner, with confidence that we share the same vision as a team to fulfill our mission. Leadership is essential to induce action, with clear objectives and efficient responses to our clients.


We remain committed to the environment and seek the highest quality standards in the execution of our services, minimizing the impact on the environment through the establishment of sustainability policies.

Equipo Mexican Consulting | Abogados Especializados en Propiedad Intelectual

Customer Service

We know that our service is essential. Our commitment is to offer a service that surpasses the expectations of our clients and we put all our resources to work to achieve the expected result. Quality customer service is fundamental and we ensure a better care every time we communicate with our customers through the quality circles in our operational and administrative processes.


We promote policies that give priority to the promotion of new ideas and business opportunities in the work of the company. We also try to use new technologies to improve efficiency, quality and the way we structure our services to provide greater security and transparency in our processes and services to ensure customer trust.

Historical: Attention per field since 2004

  • Intellectual Property
  • Corporate
  • Civil
  • Business
  • Administrative
  • Amparo

Our clients in these fields are in the whole country, as well as some abroad, by signed agreements of confidentiality with them, it is impossible to reveal more data than the above, which are for statistical and consultation purposes.

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Our advice assesses the operational framework of each client, the interest groups, as well as the impact of our recommendations on all aspects that influence within the scope of our client.