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We offer a comprehensive, timely, efficient and tailor made service with the sole objective of satisfying your needs within the field of integral risk management, so our clients have the capacity to prevent, mitigate, prepare, respond, rebuild and recover in any critical or non-critical area within their company to implement a plan that allows them to take both preventive and corrective actions that result in substantial operational savings when comparing the costs of preventive actions versus the debt and generated liabilities, derived from corrective actions. If you are looking for Firm of Specialized Intellectual Property Lawyers, you have come to the right place.

Legal Consulting Services

Abogados Especialistas en Propiedad Intelectual | Mexican Consulting

Intellectual Property

Asesoría Legal Para Corporativos | Mexican Consulting

Corporate Law

Consultoria en Derecho Civil | Mexican Consulting

Civil Law

Asesoría Legal En Derecho Administrativo | Mexican Consulting

Administrative Law

Asesoría Legal En Derecho Laboral | Mexican Consulting

Labor Law

Asesoría Legal En Derecho Mercantil | Mexican Consulting

Business Law

Asesoría Legal En Derecho Familiar | Mexican Consulting

Family Law

Asesoría Legal En Derecho Penal | Mexican Consulting

Criminal Law

Asesoría Legal En Materia de Amparos | Mexican Consulting

Generation of Amparos

Consultoria en Derecho Inmobiliario | Mexican Consulting

Real Estate Law

Consultoria en Negocios Internacionales | Mexican Consulting

International Business

Asesoría Legal En Alianzas Estratégicas

Business Alliances

  • In Intellectual Property

    • Contracts of Franchise, Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality, Agency, Manufacturing, Distribution, Technology Transfer, Domain Name Registrations, Integrated Circuit Layout Designs, Industrial Secrets, Trademarks, Trade Names and Notices, Patents.
    • Contracts of Literary Work, Musical Work, Representation of Scenic Work, Broadcasting, Audiovisual Production, Publicity.
    • Contracts of Software, Referral, Transfer and Processing of Personal Data.
    • Management of Trademark Titles, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Names and Commercial Notices.
    • Management of Patent Titles, Industrial Designs and Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits.
    • Management of Plant Variety Breeder Title.
    • Declaration of the Denomination of Origin in the Official Gazette of the Federation.
    • Certified copies of Abstract of Title of INDAUTOR.
    • Arbitration award.
    • Deliverables of Legal Audit.
    • INAI Resolution on the Protection of Rights ARCO.
    • Evidence of Websites.

  • In Corporate Law

    • Establishment of Companies.
    • Corporate Books.
    • Minutes of Shareholders’ Meetings.
    • Minutes of Council Sessions.
    • Statutory Auditor’s report.
    • General decree of the company.
    • Provisional certificates, shares, equities and bonds.

Specialized Products

  • In Labor Matters

    • Elaboration of Collective Work Contracts.
    • Elaboration of Individual Work Contracts.
    • Agreements of Termination of Employment.
    • Preparation of Internal Regulations at Work.
    • Elaboration of Severance Pay and Resignations.
    • Elaboration of Employment Protection.
    • Elaboration of Labor Demands.

  • In Civil Matters

    • Civil and Commercial Private Arbitration.
    • Collective Actions.
    • Extrajudicial Collection.
    • Management of Legal Acts of Condominium.
    • Elaboration of Conventions.
    • Elaboration of Civil Contracts: Sale, Pledge, Mutual and Mutual Interest, Payment in Kind, Commodatum, Donation, Precontracts or Promise, Barter, Mandate, Subrogation and Novation, Deposit, Leasing of Real Estate, Provision of Professional Services, Lease, Sharecropping, Civil Liability Guarantee, Life Annuity , Transactions and Lump Sum Work.
    • Elaboration of Civil Contracts: Sale, Sales Commission, Commission, Storage, Business Loan and Guaranteed Business Loan, Assignment of Business Claims, Swap, Consignment, Insurance, Commercial Transportation Contract, Pledge, Financial Leasing, Factoring and Trust.

  • In Administrative Matters

    • Tax Recovery.
    • Pension Leveling.
    • Pension Compatibility.
    • Regularization of Access Buildings in Residential Developments or Condominiums.
    • Vehicles with Tinted Crystals.
    • Right of Petition.
    • Right to Health Care.
    • Interest of Minors.
    • Discrimination.

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