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Through 9 years of operation, we have extended our network of alliances with other firms with the purpose of offering the best solutions in the services required by our clients. These strategic alliances have allowed us to improve business and social integration, which in turn foster more effective forms of participation. It has empowered us with a better understanding between the different sectors, governance is simpler and more efficient, the practical coordination of different actors is more fluid and effective, and the possibilities for obtaining key information, participation in decisions, actions and benefits were increased by all the players in our alliances.

Services we offer with our alliances:


Labor and Social Security

General Litigation


Actions and Collective Amparos







Strategic Alliances Consulting

Asesoría Legal En Alianzas Estratégicas

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Nuestra asesoría evalúa el marco operativo de cada cliente, los grupos de interés, así como también el impacto que tienen nuestras recomendaciones en todos los aspectos que influyen dentro del ámbito de acción de nuestro cliente.

Legal Consulting Services

Abogados Especialistas en Propiedad Intelectual | Mexican Consulting

Intellectual Property

Asesoría Legal Para Corporativos | Mexican Consulting

Corporate Law

Consultoria en Derecho Civil | Mexican Consulting

Civil Law

Asesoría Legal En Derecho Administrativo | Mexican Consulting

Administrative Law

Asesoría Legal En Derecho Laboral | Mexican Consulting

Labor Law

Asesoría Legal En Derecho Mercantil | Mexican Consulting

Business Law

Asesoría Legal En Derecho Familiar | Mexican Consulting

Family Law

Asesoría Legal En Derecho Penal | Mexican Consulting

Criminal Law

Asesoría Legal En Materia de Amparos | Mexican Consulting

Generation of Amparos

Consultoria en Derecho Inmobiliario | Mexican Consulting

Real Estate Law

Consultoria en Negocios Internacionales | Mexican Consulting

International Business

Asesoría Legal En Alianzas Estratégicas

Business Alliances