Asesoría Legal En Derecho Civil

Legal Advice In Civil Law

It is the branch in charge of governing the private bonds that establish people with each other. It is formed by the legal rules that articulate the patrimonial or personal relations between individuals (individuals or juridical persons). The purpose of civil law is to preserve the interests of the individual at the patrimonial and moral level, it is inspired by principles of justice that allow to develop and comply with the laws that regulate the operation of a society, in this important branch of Mexican Consulting & Development, we offer the following services:

  • Enforcement Claim or Cancellation of Leases of Furniture, Storage, Leasing, Commodatum, Sharecropping, Transport and Lodging.
  • Claim for Deed and Elevation of Agreements to Public Instrument.
  • Collection of Fees Litigation.
  • Litigation for Requesting Accounting of Disclosures from Lawyers, Experts, Tutors, Controllers, Administrators, etc.
  • Civil Contractual Liability (Derived from Contracts) and Noncontractual (No Contracts) Litigation.
  • Offer of Payment Followed by Consignment.
  • Special Mortgage Litigation.
  • Civil Executive Litigation based on the titles that entail execution that contemplates article 608 of the civil procedural code for the State of Morelos.
  • Application for the Declaration of Easements.
  • Preparatory Means to a Civil or Commercial Executive Trial (Judicial Confession of Debit).
  • Plenary Trial of Possession.
  • Declarative Property Trial and Claim.
  • Special Trial of Lease of Real Estate.
  • Special Eviction Trial.
  • Claim for Division of Common Property (Dissolution of Co-ownership).
  • Surveying and Demarcation Trial (Determination of limits for the division of one property and another).
  • Rectification of Measures and Environs.
  • Claim for Termination, Compliance, Cancellation or Nullity of Civil Contracts.
  • Judicial and Notarial Inquiries.
  • Providence of New or Dangerous Work (Before the risks of construction in adjoining building that could affect the own).
  • Reparation of Damages Caused (Moral Damage).
  • Executive Procedure derived from the Condominium Regime (For recovery of maintenance fees and interest).

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