Legal Advice Regarding Amparos

The Amparo is a means of constitutional defense that aims to safeguard the Fundamental Rights and Guarantees of People against acts of authority generally issued by the State Powers and exceptionally by individuals who exercise authority acts delegated by the State, always imposing the Constitutional Supremacy and the International Instruments of which Mexico has subscribed and ratified the lower laws and norms.

The Amparo can be considered as an extraordinary defense mechanism that annuls the acts of authority when they transgress the legal sphere of the Governor which has declaratory, suspensive and restitutive effects, as it can suspend the actions claimed in order to preserve things in the lawsuit status to avoid further violations to the rights of persons or that acts of authority that can become irreparable are consumed and in case of a favorable judgment it seeks to restore the full enjoyment of their rights.

Asesoría Legal En Materia de Amparos | Mexican Consulting

Amparo Services:

  • Indirect Amparo
  • Incidents of Suspension of the Reclaimed Act
  • Direct Amparo
  • Collective Amparo
  • Motion for Review
  • Motion for Tax Review
  • Motion for Nonconformity
  • Motion for Complaint
  • Unnamed Incidents
  • Incidents of Non-Enforcement of Judgment
  • Repetition of the Reclaimed Act.

Constitutional Services

  • Constitutional Controversy
  • Unconstitutionality Action
  • Trial for the Protection of Political-Electoral Rights

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